The First Step of DC CCIE Journey

Finally I thought “Let’s be an oldtimer” and go for DC CCIE. After all the discussions around is networking still needed? Is a CCIE an End of Sale model…SDN is my holy grail for networking… everyone tried to give you the feeling deep dive knowledge for networking is not needed in our days, “Networks are in my way” to quote a Amazon architect.

I took a look at my daily business and thought by myself: Challenge accepted…Let’s go for DC CCIE no matter how the rest is trying to influence us. I was a hard time to decide how to start this project. First I need a project plan….hmmm really…no not needed. The project deadline is given by the lab date.

Second, a comprehensive amount of documentation, whitepapers, manuals etc. is needed. I checked the blueprint of the written exam on ( mapped this to the existing documentation on and other sources (blogs). At the end I had 4 sections to cover and work through:

– Networking (IP, Ethernet, vPC, FabricPath, OTV)

– Storage networking (FC and FCoE, iSCSI)

– Compute (UCS)

– Virtualisation

The next step was to plan how to proceed. The written exam is the baseline to start the journey, BUT it’s also the best preparation for the practical exam to know the technology in detail. It’s a good advice to know why I do it that way instead of just doing it because a braindumps says so. I always took the CCIE challenge as a way to build deep dive knowledge in a certain area.

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