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HA with a Dash of DR

Many times I end up discussing HA and DR with customers and colleagues. Hence I decided that defining this and sharing my view on it is a good way to start this blog: Today most IT folks mix up DR and HA, due to the possibilities the industry gave them with technologies like stretched clusters,

Cisco Nexus Python Scripting

I thought, that the ability of running Python scripts on Nexus Switches is broadly know. BUT when talking to customers about this, you figure out that it’s more or less unknow.This is a pity because this gives you huge possibilities, e.g. Collecting data for statistics or trouble shooting. Python is supported on Nexus 3000,

The First Step of DC CCIE Journey

Finally I thought “Let’s be an oldtimer” and go for DC CCIE. After all the discussions around is networking still needed? Is a CCIE an End of Sale model…SDN is my holy grail for networking… everyone tried to give you the feeling deep dive knowledge for networking is not needed in our days, “Networks